Creating beautiful new products expressly for the 极速赛车 Sunshine State

We’re ready to help with samples, sales and service six days a week.

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Creating beautiful new products expressly for the Sunshine State

We’re ready to help with samples, sales and service six days a week.

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Glow Path Pavers

Glow Path Pavers offer a great new look to any recreational area in and around any property, providing a modern feel to paved areas while maintaining a classic brick paver look. Night time around the pool, deck, or outdoor walkway has never looked better, or been safer after dark.

These one-of-kind pavers can be used decoratively in a variety of applications, ranging from pool, decks, and patios to outdoor entertainment areas and outdoor kitchens. They are also effective in garden areas or walkways around your home, providing safety in unlit areas. This self-illuminating system is great for low-light areas such as driveways and walkways to guide your steps.

Our revolutionary pavers offer a subtle, continuous glow for 6-8 hours after dark, providing a low-level illumination that is perfect after sundown for pedestrian walkways, to add mood-enhancing visual accents to pool decks and backyards, and to enhance safety to municipal spaces.

The latest in luminescent paver technology provides an enriched surface accented with long-lasting glow aggregates. Glow Path Pavers are first in luminescent paver performance, first in manufacturing technology, and unique in the marketplace!

Simply put, there are no pavers quite like Glow Path Pavers, and we’ve got the patents to prove it! Glow Path Pavers are manufactured to meet and exceed North American standards set by both ASTM International and the CSA Group. They are manufactured to be resistant to solvents, gasoline, motor oils, and acids, and are unaffected by de-icing salt.

New solar-powered paver lights are total game changers in outdoor illumination!

Welcome to Glow Path Pavers! Our pavers are a revolutionary way to add subtle, solar-powered illumination for:

Residential Applications





Pedestrian Walkways

Garden Areas

Outdoor Living Areas

Commercial and Municipal Applications such as:

Public Parks

Community Recreational Areas

Office Plazas

Corporate Campuses

We’ve just expanded into Florida, creating beautiful new products expressly for the Sunshine State. We’re ready to help with samples, sales and service six days a week, so get in touch with us!

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Introducing Four New Colors

Charcoal, Israel Pewter, Buff, & Pewter colors that are now available! See them turn from day to night in front of your eyes!

These 4″ x 8″ rectangular Holland Stone Glow Path Pavers can be installed in many patterns and are perfect for a variety of residential and commercial installations.

Mix patterns with any of the four new colors or combination of colors and you’ve got the potential for a visual effect only limited by your imagination.

What is your favorite color? Charcoal, Israel Pewter, Buff or Pewter?

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